Volcano Eruption!!

So, one day my husband walks in the kitchen to casually mention two things 1) a volcano is erupting in Iceland and 2) vaccinated American’s are welcome to visit. I love experiences and he…well…he gets alerts on his phone when volcanoes erupt anywhere in the world. He is such a geek. Five days later….

Five days later...

Five Days Later!!!

Flying all night, we arrived in Reykjavik at 6:30 am and started driving towards the volcano. Finding the volcano wasn’t easy — we naively thought a mountain exploding would be an easy find. But, no signs, no people, no cars…just vast 5,000 year old lava fields that form a surreal, but typical Icelandic landscape. Some subtle clearings for cars and a barely detectable walking path was all we had to go on. Two miles of hiking through the deserted barren landscape yielded !

How close were we? My intrepid husband (“MT”) was a bit more daring.

With eruptions every 10 minutes, I was too nervous to get that close. He later told me that he found a big rock to hide behind in case the heat from the eruptions were too much.

No worries though, I made him give me the car keys before he went ahead — you know, just in case.

This trip was a few months ago and the volcano is constantly changing. You can’t get this close anymore as the lava flows have cut off the hiking paths and surrounding the mountain MT is standing on.

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